Welcome to Vegantopia!

“Helping each other connect with and bring out the unique gifts and graces we all carry is a great joy.”

                       Ruth Hawe

What is Vegantopia?

VEGANTOPIA = the fusion of utopia and veganism (the compassionate, animal free lifeway)

“Vegantopia is the reality of my sacred space, the sanctity of my sovereignty, and the source of my spirit. Vegantopia informs my consciousness with the prime directive of Love (unconditional letting be) and the overriding imperative of Ahimsa (essential harmlessness). It is my Vision and Purpose.”

                        Ruth Hawe

What instigated the concept of Vegantopia? Ruth explains …

“My understanding is that humanity is evolving away from the delusion of separation and consequent cruelty which has permitted and perpetrated our predatory behaviours. Our passage into empathic awakenment and united awareness of our inextricable interconnectedness with all of life. What slumbering people continue to support in their tortuous transformation to humanekind is our collective karma. Whilst we prey upon, enslave, mutilate and kill innocent beings for our bodily sustenance we shall inevitably wage war upon one another. Violent eating begets violent behaviour, and ingesting the terror and trauma of slaughterhouses strangles and kills us too, slowly and mercilessly.”