Ruth Hawe is a writer and her novel is available in e-book and paperback on Amazon.

From the back page of Holy Cow – a novel by Ruth Hawe:

The most beautiful and eloquent passages in the novel come from Brian, who is a genuinely selfless, romantic hero. With astonishing self disclosure, and deep introspection, Daisy reveals her vulnerability.

There is a meticulously planned suicide, a mysterious angelic lady, and a ghostly haunting awaiting her. Daisy’s drive, visions and challenging purpose are laced with light and levity.

Can she stop running long enough to be in joy of her unfolding self, and appreciate the fragility of what she seeks to protect? Revelations sparkle as fervent idealism and sardonic realism meet in the epicentre of the book. From there, Daisy starts to unravel and slide ever faster into alienating distrust and distance from her past, as she comes perilously close to burning all her bridges. Her self identified purpose overrides every other aspect of her life, and she flies with singed wings between guilt and hope.

Will messianic fervour extinguish or ignite her potential? And will spiritual awakenment eclipse her natural ebullient nature?

What does Ruth say about her book?

Holy Cow is the expression in novel form of my journey that attempts to awaken the sleeping masses to the devastating personal and planetary cost of humanity’s culture of dominion and death. Fiction has always been a means of bypassing the disconnection and the rational dominance of our thoughts, and a way to introduce higher concepts. My years of advocacy and activism have demonstrated only too painfully the wilful ignorance and cultivated blinkeredness of society. The degree of cognitive dissonance required to perpetuate the countless cruelties and atrocities enacted daily planetwide is staggering. 2000 creatures are murdered every single second to serve the brutal human food chain. This constant carnage is both absolutely unnecessary and devastatingly destructive to the essential ecosystems sustaining life on earth. The true cost of confining, commodifying and killing 58 billion fellow beings a year is the accelerating famine, drought and desertification increasingly blighting ourselves. In truth there is zero separation between the toxicity of our consumptive behaviour and our numberless ills of psyche, body and mind. It is by now almost impossible to retain our cherished habitual comfort zones and numb ourselves with the myriad distractions and entertainments we have invented. Verily, until all beings are granted their right of freedom, none of us shall be free.”

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