Ruth Hawe is a vegan writer, speaker, artist and singer.


Artivist, activist, speaker, writer … Who is Ruth Hawe?

Ruth is a passionate activist for animal rights, peace, environmental awareness and social justice issues. She has been vegan for more than 50 years.

Ruth’s bio:

Born in Derbyshire and educated at St. Joseph’s Convent in Stafford, where she was a contemporary of Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. Ruth studied podiatry in Manchester, practicing this and reflexology for more than 30 years. Singing is a major interest alongside her art and writing. Ruth practices yoga and meditation and is a trained Kundalini Yoga teacher. Her key focus currently is her artivism.

“Since 2020 my focus has been ARTivism. However I always respond to requests to speak, write and share that portion of Truth which has been allotted to me to hold, so please feel invited to connect with me. I also enjoy encouraging others in their creative writing efforts and am happy to facilitate workshops.”

Ruth Hawe

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Ruth’s vision for the future?

“I hope and pray mass awakenment happens soon, so that we as a race of beings may step into a golden age of genuine Guardianship as conservers and adorers of each expression of creation which surrounds and completes our beautiful Gaia.  What I really long to give my life and energy to is the co-creation of the peaceable kingdom of Vegantopia, which exists in my heart, on the sanctified soil of my home, and as scattered outposts in the sphere of every other blessed gentle Vegan alive. We are beacons of Light strung like a garland adorning the body of our beloved, suffering, sacred Earth.

This is the real soul work of our species as I see it, and needs to be prioritised over the insanity of exponential growth and the obscenity of material wealth.”

Connecting people

“My conscience gives me no respite until I have done and said all in my power to enlighten others about the need to live according to the loving and peaceful ideals of vegantopia. I spend (waste?) many hours every day of my precious life compulsively sourcing and sharing on facebook and other social media as much evidence, facts and scientific proof to encourage people to electively alter course. Please feel invited to join me, to contribute your own gifts and vision.”

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